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Healthy Foods for Hypertensive Patients

Do you need to reduce your high blood pressure? For some reasons, being hypertensive is due to being overweight. For too long, too many of us have consumed more calories than what is needed. We are now faced with the consequences of that lifestyle: obesity and soaring hypertension. Neither is good for our health. There are prescribed medicines for hypertension, however, a healthy diet is always the best solution that you can give yourself, since it is all natural and healthy. Among the best diets that you need to intake as a hypertensive patient are fresh fruits and vegetables, since it is rich with vitamins and minerals that our body needs. If you wanted to fight hypertension and make your life longer, here are the 5 healthy foods that will help you achieve your desire in reducing your high blood pressure.
5 Healthy Foods
1. Celery: There is a compound found in celery helps the good flow of blood. Eating celery in just a week will certainly reduce your high blood pressure.
2. Garlic: Fresh garlic during meals is also a healthy diet that hypertensive patients should eat. Eating garlic once in a while wile help up in opening the arteries of a person, thus, letting the blood to flow well. For best results, daily intake of garlic is best recommended. The more garlic that you eat, the best assurance that you can get that you can have a good flow of your blood. A good quality garlic supplement may be taken by those of us who either don’t like the smell and taste of raw garlic, or don’t want to use it in our cooking every day. Garlic also acts as a natural blood thinner so it should not be taken if you are already using blood thinning medicine. Ask your doctor first in order to get the best advice.
3. Tomatoes: Eating plenty of tomatoes will help you in lowering your blood since tomatoes are rich with lycopene. Eating two or three tomatoes daily is best recommended for you.
4. Bananas: Hypertensions are sometimes a result of inadequate potassium, thus, eating bananas will help you gain back potassium.
5. Sunflower seeds (unsalted): This is a good source of magnesium which is an important mineral in order to lower your high blood.
Include these foods in your diet and for sure you can have the best and healthy body that you need.

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